MOVE Agents are the stars of MOVE Week. They make MOVE Week happen.

All you need to know

  • What is MOVE Week?

    MOVE Week is an annual event and an integral part of the NowWeMOVE campaign. MOVE Week takes place in the last week of May each year. The objective of the MOVE week is to promote the benefits of sport and physical activity. A wide range of promoters of physical activity (who we call MOVE Agents) coordinate events, including existing and new physical activities, for MOVE Week.

  • What is a MOVE Agent?

    MOVE Agents are the stars of MOVE Week. They make MOVE Week happen. A MOVE Agent is a voluntary position, but ISCA and the National Coordinators in each country can give them advice on how to seek funding and support for your events. It is the MOVE Agent’s job to choose their event type and location, register it on the portal at, gather the team they need to implement it, promote it in their communities and oversee it when it unfolds on the day(s).

  • Who can be a MOVE Agent?

    A MOVE Agent can be a grassroots sport organisation, club, school, university, voluntary group, company, municipality/city or individual who organises a sport and physical activity event for MOVE Week.

  • How does it work?

    MOVE Week is an open platform for anyone with an interest in being active or getting people active. During MOVE Week, hundreds of events will take place simultaneously in many countries and cities. They can include open door or “try-it” events at local clubs, walking events, fun runs, bike tours, street sport events, school sports events, company activities, activities organised for hard-to-reach groups – the possibilities are only limited to our imaginations! The size of the event can also vary – from small events organised by local groups, to bigger community events, to large-scale city events. MOVE Week is about having fun and finding your MOVE. As long as the event gets people active then it is eligible to be part of MOVE Week.

  • What should I do?

    1. Sign up as a MOVE Agent at
    2. Register a MOVE Week event.
    3. Organize and promote your event.

    Toolkits, posters, flyers, banners and other promotional materials are also available to help MOVE Agents plan, gather support for, promote and stage their events.

Join the TEAM

  • 6 117 MOVE Agents
  • 14 105 MOVE Events
  • 3 444 930 Participants

Change takes time, but together we can create opportunities for everyone to engage in sport and physical activity.

Become a MOVE Agent - promote physical activity

Become a MOVE Agent