MOVE Week Gym

MOVE Week Gym is a series of online live movement sessions hosted by MOVE Agents from all over the world during MOVE Week. In 2021, we will stream each session from 31 May to 6 June. Follow this page for the final MOVE Week Gym program!

Join in, try some new moves and #FindYourMOVE!

MOVE Week Gym 2021 Schedule

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Monday 31st of May
8.30 CEST - Opening Ceremony and Tai Chi session with Mr Jeff Chui from gymnastics Association of Hong Kong, China
16.00 CEST - Active Flexibility with Alexander Umaña from Costa Rica
19.00 CEST - Tabata session with Ömer DURMAZ and from Enverçevko & Odtu gv Ozel Denizli Okullari, Turkey
Tuesday 1st of June
8.30 CEST - Dance body awareness session with Maria Skubis from Fundacja V4Sport, Poland
16.00 CEST - Mugla Zeybek Dance Yurdal Düzgüner & Aylin Ölçüm from Enverçevko & Menteşe Municipality, Turkey
19.00 CEST - Barre session with Jelica Draskoci from Association Sport for All Serbia & Pilates Studio 23, Serbia
Wednesday 2nd of June
8.30 CEST - HIIT session with Aleksandra Brzezinska from Hauora Wellbeing, New Zealand
16.00 CEST - Turkish Dance & Live music with Vegetable Orchestra, Sezen Özeke & Akın Togay from Enverçevko & Bursa Nilüfer Municipality-Nilüfer, Turkeyy
19.00 CEST - Capoeira session with Emilian Moncea from Association Sport for All Suceava, Romania
Thursday 3rd of June
8.30 CEST - Cardio Stretching with Bratislava Ristic from Association Sport for All Serbia & Beba Fit Studio, Serbia.
16.00 CEST - Dance session with Rado Trifković from Športna Unija Slovenije & Plesni studio NM, Slovenia
19.00 CEST - Aerobics session with Vladislava Pichurova from WOW Gym, Bulgaria
Friday 4th of June
8.30 CEST - Bailatino with Karin Lillemaa from DanceAct, Estonia
16.00 CEST - Full body workout with Oana Ghervan from Association Sport for All Suceava, Romania
19.00 CEST - RRunning techniques session with Óscar Tombelle & Néstor Franco Hernández from Deporte para la Educación y la Salud, Spain
Saturday 5th of June
8.00 CEST European Mile with ISCA, Denmark
16.00 CEST Advice and tips on running with Ruben Gonzalez from Eurofittness, Spain
19.00 CEST Movement session with Fernando Goulart Da Silva from SESC, Brazil
Sunday 6th of June
9.30 CEST - YogaLates with Klementina Pečar from Športna Unija Slovenije, Slovenia
16.00 CEST - Closing Ceremony and handstand workshop with Mauricio Jara from Instituto Nacional de Artes Do Circo, Portugal