Innovative MOVE Week tournament for table tennis players and referees with disabilities


Active Disabled People Albania has partnered with Genuine Effect for MOVE Week 2016, organising the “BITT 2016 – Tribute to Mati” tournament, where disabled people are participating not only as professional players but also as professional referees. The event starts tomorrow at the Ferit Hysa” Sport Palace in Burrel.

Burreli International Table Tennis (BITT) is an international competition that has been organised every spring in a small city in north of Albania for the past three years. This year it is taking place from 27-29 May. Through this event, MOVE Week in Albania will promote social inclusion for people with disabilities with the aim of increasng their self-esteem.

The BITT event is an innovative movement to Albania. Hopefully it will encourage other sport federations to consider people with disabilities as professional sportspeople and officials and give them more decision making roles.

Active Disabled People (ADP) Albania is a sport organisation for disabled people.

Visit the ADP Facebook page for more information.

A version of this article has also been published on Both have been translated and adapted from an article written in Albanian by MOVE Week National Coordinator for Albania, Violeta Prenga.