MOVE Week 2020: how digital challenges gave rise to new opportunities


By Maria Malyshkina, ISCA

This year, the Covid-19 pandemic conditions made us re-think how to celebrate MOVE Week and all of the different ways people can find their MOVE and keep active. The situation brought not only challenges, it also helped us discover fresh opportunities to promote MOVEment even when possibilities to go out and enjoy sport or physical activity are limited.

That’s why we created a digital space for MOVEment – an online MOVE Week Gym. Free workouts provided by 22 enthusiastic coaches from 11 countries were streamed three times a day and activated thousands of people from South America, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Together with the recordings of the workouts, which our MOVE Agents registered as events on the MOVE Week website, we created an extensive library of free workouts. Thanks to these contributions, anyone now has an opportunity to keep moving throughout the year!

We found that the digital format has its benefits as well – it turned out to be an easy way to bring people together. We wanted to make sure that our MOVE Agents stayed connected during these times, too, and hosted two webinars with experts from sports clubs, fitness centres, street sport and placemaking to discuss strategies for physical activity in public spaces, clubs and indoor facilities. More than 100 participants were present during the webinars and explored the future of the sport sector in the post-COVID reality – and even more registered to receive the recordings.

We hope you enjoyed this special edition of MOVE Week as much as we did! See you next year and don’t forget there’s always space for some MOVEment in your life.