Budget and Sponsorship – It’s all about the money!


A MOVE Week event does not have to cost a lot of money in order to be both successful and effective. By making use of existing channels and tools you can easily go a long way relatively cheaply. You can consider creating your own website, newsletter and community pages through Facebook, or even simply connect to our national webpages.

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To activate as many participants as possible during your MOVE Week event it is advisable to have at least a small budget available for additional communication or additional activities. Without sponsorship or in-kind services, your event will most likely be small, but even a small event can be a big success. If there is a municipal budget available for local events, try to apply for some funding that way.

Work out your budget based on your available funds and estimated costs.


  • Determine the costs that the event is going to incur
  • Determine the funds needed to cover the costs
  • Determine the resources needed in case they can be provided in-kind by sponsors
  • Prepare your budget
  • Solicit companies/organisations/foundations/clubs for sponsorship

MOVE Week is also about bringing local communities together. Making your MOVE Week event a community-wide initiative is a sure-fire way to make it successful, which will then mean it will be remembered and appreciated in the future, and also inspire others!

Ask the local grocery store to provide drinks for the participants and in return show their logo on the poster and at the event. Ask the local school to participate and put up posters at the school. Think of other organisations that could have an interest in being part of MOVE Week.


  • Determine the strategy: What can we obtain and what compensation can we offer to potential sponsors?
  • Target potential companies where you can see a good fit
  • Develop a sponsorship file
  • Monitor your commitments so that both sides are satisfied

To learn more about “How to seek a sponsor” click here and have a look at our helpful and informative document on this matter.

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