Establish your relations with the public – Plan your Public Relations


Public Relations (PR) are about promoting your event nationally as a part of something bigger – an international Campaign (NowWeMOVE) to get 100 million more Europeans active in sport and physical activity by 2020 – while also getting the media on board. Furthermore, it is also an excellent opportunity to tell the story of your organisation, your event and your community.

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Your press release should include the following elements:

  • Describe why your event is of relevance to your local community
  • Describe the NowWeMOVE campaign and what it does
  • Use relevant quotes
  • Support the importance of your event with numbers, facts, figures and contacts

Be creative when promoting your event. A good story may include the innovative character of your event, new trend that have come from it, or simply the reasons why it is of special importance for your community. Maybe your city has problems with high levels of physical inactivity, has air pollution issues, or no sufficient road safety for runners and cyclists on the streets. It is easier to draw attention to what you are doing when the readers see an immediate benefit for them, so find that button and push it!

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Local events with PR-potential could include:

  • Social incentives to gather people in a local community or a city
  • Numbers + Figures + Statistics
  • Innovative events that unfold in an alternative way, such as aerobics at a museum or a football game at the town hall square
  • New activities or trends in the field of sport and physical activity
  • Participation of politicians, celebrities and sport stars

There is no guarantee to have your event covered by local media, but you can increase the chance to get publicity by following these three steps:

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