(Paul Watzlawick) 04/06/2018

An essential element: Communication!

The success of a local event is largely determined by a successful communication approach! It is of vital importance to have a good communications plan when organising a project. Clearly define who you want to reach, what message you want to deliver and how you want to convey it.

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A communications plan includes the following elements:

  • Goals
  • Target Group(s)
  • Messages
  • Materials/Channels
  • Quantity/Frequency of Communication

Good communication will enhance the reach and the level of engagement in your event. Remember that a communications plan does not have to be complicated or time consuming.

Utilise existing communication channels that can be linked directly to your organisation’s website. Find out where you can advertise your event, for instance on sport clubs’ websites/magazines, or in sports retailers’ advertising leaflets.

With just a bit of thought about communications you can achieve a lot!

NowWeMOVE has developed several flyer and poster templates, which you can customise with messages targeting your local population in your own language.

The MOVE Week logo and images are free to use for the promotion of your event!

What are the communication channels you will use?

  • Own communication channels: www.moveweek.eu, www.nowwemove.com, blog.nowwemove.com, NowWeMOVE Facebook page, Pinterest and Instagram, ISCA and YouTube channels, Twitter, etc.
  • Partner’s channels – Country specific MOVE Week websites, your website(s)
  • Paid advertisement – Google AdWords, Facebook Promotions


    Your communication plan should include the following elements:

    • Determine objectives (what do you want to achieve?)
    • Determine target group(s) (who do you want to reach?)
    • Determine which resources you can use to reach both your objectives and target group(s)
    • Determine how you will utilise your chosen resources and channels (quantity/frequency)
  • Flash Mobs or other activation events

So collect your thoughts, bring them on paper and find the strategy, which best fits you and your event!

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