SkirtBike Suceava turns heads in Romania


On 13 August 2014, in the Central Square of Suceava in Romania, a head-turning event took place on a warm summer day: SkirtBike Suceava. Lovely ladies wearing dresses, skirts, traditional Romanian “ia” blouses, formal wear and office attire cycled into the Central Square on their nicely decorated bikes.

It was not just another ladies’ gathering, but an event to promote active transport to women in the area, which was organised by Sport Club Suceava is Biking and, represented by Irina Liteanu and Magda Gradinariu.

The organisers saw this as an effective way of communicating to women about active transport because women’s outfits have always been perceived as restrictive, especially when it comes to introducing physical activity into day-to-day life.

The success of the event proves that this doesn’t have to be the case, and on top of that it promoted:

  • An alternative way to commute through the city to work
  • The feminine elegance and the traditional wear in the Bucovina area
  • Awareness of bike lanes and areas for legal and safe parking for bikes, with the purpose of attracting the Municipality’s attention.

The event was supported by Mihai Adrohovici, vice president of the Romanian Ferderation Sport for All, who is also the MOVE Week National Coordinator for Romania. He said it was a good opportunity to promote MOVE Week 2014 and a bigger edition is expected to take place on 6 October.

So girls, get your lovely dresses on and cycle your way through town … MOVE Week 2014 is ready to arrive in a mass of colour!