MOVE your feet and feel united!

09/06/2017 by Triin Ilves

Physical activity is one of the simplest ways to engage and connect people. ISCA and DGI organized an active morning session for the EGU students as part of their month-long training course.

The premise is simple: it’s in our nature to move and physical activity exercises are often used to connect people. The main aim was to MOVE the students and do some recreational activities together.

“No-one is a professional athlete. We are not competing to be the best,” Élodie Savio, youth officer in ISCA, said.

Simple ball games, run and catch, and learning charleston and salsa were part of the hour-long morning routine. The activities were led by ISCA’s youth officers in collaboration with the DGI.

Participating students are young people who haven’t had the chance to study and obtain proper education. They all have different backgrounds and might not even speak Danish as their first language, even though most of them grew up in Denmark.

During one month they are enrolled to a program that is designed to improve their communication skills, learn how to participate in teamwork, and raise their confidence.

In addition, doing fun recreational activities together with the ISCA team allows the students to play in an intercultural environment. Even though most of the communication took place in Danish, many of the students know English well and used it.

“No matter where you come from, you can still find mutual language – even when it’s body language. For me, it was an interesting experience to see, how simple exercises are enough to connect people,” Savio epxlained.

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