MOVE Week flagship and solidarity event turns Barcelona into capital of Nordic walking


This year Eurofitness joined Walkim in organising a solidarity Master Nordic Walking event, which consisted of 3 different courses of varying distances – 7.7km / 15km and 30km.

Walkim Barcelona is the largest Nordic walking event we have had in our city. Barcelona will now be consolidated as the capital of Nordic walking.

With this first edition we wanted to promote a weekend of health. The meeting point was at the Eurofitness Can Dragó in Barcelona and over 600 people came to the event!

Walkim Barcelona works with an NGO called “Sonrisas de Bombay”, which focuses its efforts on the struggle against poverty and for human rights in the shantytowns, slums, in Mumbai, India.

The instructor trained the participants and explained the basic techniques and then they all set off walking! During the course of the walk (30, 15 and 7.5km) there were monitors for guidance and help, if necessary, with the technique of Nordic walking.

When the participants returned to the finish line there was a Bollywood dance exhibition!

By Lindsay Young, National Coordinator for MOVE Week in Spain.