Lithuanian Sports University dedicates project to MOVE Week


550 kindergartens, school and university students and staff from various education institutions took part in the Lithuanian Sports University project “Europe Moves and Does Sport Together With LSU” during MOVE Week from 23-27 May. The project was deliberately organised for MOVE Week and was financially supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania.

LSU offered different sport activities to try:

  • Volleyball tournament 3×3 “Around the World”. Teams were randomly drawn from a groups of Erasmus students, LSU students, staff and guests from visiting universities who were participants of International Staff Training Week.
  • Volleyball tournament 4×4 “Europe Day with Ball” for high school students and their teachers.
  • Swimming competition. Students competed in 100 m medley, 50 m freestyle, 25 m butterfly, 50 m backstroke and 50 m breaststroke races and a 150 m funny relay.
  • Orienteering competition “Run to the Career”. Participants competed in teams, randomly chosen from high schools and universities students. They had to find check in points in different companies and do tasks which were associated with the career.
  • “Active Kindergarten”. Obstacle race for kids, which allowed them to get familiar with different kinds of sports and sporting equipment.

During the “International Staff Training Week”, I also presented the NowWeMOVE campaign to people from 16 universities (11 different countries). I talked not only about MOVE Week but also briefly presented NowWeBike, No Elevators Day, European Panna Tour and Movement Pills, which sparked interest among the attendees.

The project “Europe Moves and Does Sport Together With LSU” is about having positive effects on physical and mental health, social integration, about feeling good, sharing joy, having fun, making new friends and spending time together. We are still far away from our goals and expectations, but every year step-by-step we are moving forward. Change takes time, but together we can create opportunities for everyone to engage in sport and physical activity.

By Goda Mankute, MOVE Agent from Lithuanian Sports University