Sara Ceci National coordinator MOVE Week Italy

Name: Sara Ceci

Country: Italy

About me: Ever since I was a child, dancing has been a form of expression for me. Being in harmony with nature is another way I express myself. Going trekking up in the mountains all around the world, from Val Grande to Himalaya, has been a feature of my life. Being active in spite of living in a big, congested metropolis is my daily goal. My bicycle, with a wicker basket in front and a child seat on the back, is my ally. Loving movement and loving to move around the world, I studied developing countries’ issues and worked for 15 years in African and Latin American communities. As I had to settle down in order to raise my son, I started collaborating with Uisp, Italian Association for Sport for All, where I still work.

My daily exercise: A little wake-up exercise (stretching and step exercise), then cycling in beautiful Rome on its bicycle paths along the river and through its parks.

My vision: Even 10 minutes of movement every day can make a difference. If you start, you won't stop. The wellbeing deriving from an active lifestyle is so manifest and unquestionable that you will forget your lazy and sedentary habits and just move.

My MOVE Week story: In September 2013 I participated in the flagship MOVE Week event Uisp Rome had organised on the Campidoglio hill and I was enchanted. Kids, their parents, tourists from Japan, Europe – wherever – were drawn in by the physical activities Uisp offered and this created a party atmosphere. I understood that movement is not a commitment, but a natural way of being. It was such a big surprise when Uisp asked me to become the new MOVE Week Italian coordinator, and I accepted this challenge enthusiastically! I am proud to be part of the NowWeMOVE campaign and am willing to help many Italians as possible move and have fun during MOVE Week 2015.

Sara Ceci National coordinator MOVE Week Italy