Peter Bakalár National coordinator MOVE Week Slovakia

Name: Peter Bakalár

Country: Slovakia

About me: I am lecturer at the P. J. Šafárik University in Košice, Institute of Physical Education and Sport where we prepare students to work in recreational sport. My leisure time activities include travelling, reading, meeting friends and, of course, sport.

My daily exercise: I am physically active most of the week. I go to the gym, run, play different sports or walk in the nature.

My vision: I would like to help people through physical activity and sport. I think that if people feel good physically it can help them to feel good mentally. It can create more surplus in their lives. In this way, physical activity and sport can be a powerful tool for the development of human potential.

My MOVE Week story: I found the message of the NowWeMove campaign clear and beneficial so I joined immediately and organized few MOVE Week events in my city (Košice, Slovakia). In the near future I would like to spread the campaign message to more partners and increase engagement of the people in physical activity and sport.

Peter Bakalár National coordinator MOVE Week Slovakia