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ISCA member the Latvian Sport for All Association (LTSA) has organised MOVE Week in Latvia since the very start of the NowWeMOVE campaign in 2012. Last year, 205 MOVE Agents in Latvia organised more than 600 events with more than 56,000 participants got involved in activities such as relays, runs, football matches, morning exercises, hikes, bike tours, orienteering, Nordic walking and many more.

Some organisations also approached the topic from a different angle and offered their workers lectures about healthy lifestyles. One of the most active municipalities was Daugavpils. In this city 30 organisations were involved, ranging from kindergartens, pre-schools and sport schools to the municipality and private organisations.

This year in 2018, Daugavpils wants to beat its own record and now already has 40 organisations on board, with the registration still open. LTSA and ISCA are excited to see what the final number of participants and events for this year’s edition of MOVE Week will be.

Over the past seven years the Latvian Sport for All Association has established good contacts with Latvian municipalities and there are even participants who have taken part in all editions of MOVE Week and will now participate for the 7th year in a row. It is clear that MOVE Week is gaining in popularity every year and more people want to be part of it.

The Latvian Sport for All Association is the National Coordinator of the event in Latvia. Every year LTSA prepares MOVE Week banners, t-shirts for the participating organisations, coordinators and volunteers as well as some small souvenirs for participants. LTSA also offers advice on which activities to choose for MOVE Week events, and helping to promote the events organised by MOVE Agents stimulates synergies between the organisations. One of these synergies is an online platform where each MOVE Week event organiser uploads their activity programme so other people, organisers, friends or colleagues can gain information and be inspired.

This year we expect even more participants, more energy, creativity and fun. Latvian Universities this year will be more active: University of Latvia, Riga Stradins University and several more are planning special activities for students. One of the Riga’s biggest sports club chains MyFitness is organising free training in two of its gyms. The Latvian Crossminton Federation is organising open crossminton trainings and the Latvian Chess Federation will hold a blitz chess tournament for anyone who is interested. On 1 June, the Ministry of Defence and the National Armed Forces Sports Club will offer public sporting activities including basketball, handball and volleyball, as well as shooting (with a lazar pistol). Latvian kindergartens, pre-schools and schools, will offer a selection of activities: relays, runs, hikes, exercise and much more.

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This year the Latvian Sport for All Association will also support the biggest brain and sport games event in Latvia, the ZZ Championship. This event has gained an important place in schools’ annual calendars and in recent years it has attracted over 30,000 schoolchildren, both in person and via remote activities, with the goal of becoming best friends and more united classes.

We are looking forward to a MOVE Week 2018 that will be bigger and better than ever before!

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