Thursday May 31 2018

Motion Emotion Devotion - Move yourselves!

Str. Principala nr. 80, Martinesti, Hunedoara, Martinesti 337315, Romania Adriana Ioana Barcean Federatia Romana Sportul pentru toti - Scoala Primara Martinesti
  • Where Martinesti,
  • When Event Start

The event takes into account the close connection between movement, motivation and emotion and aims to focus on the importance of physical activity for the body and for the soul. 3 year-olds up to 11 year-olds kids from a rural primary school (Martinesti Primary School) will get into contact with nonformal education and socioanimation, enjoying outdoor physical games and cherishing movement. We all know that movement changes the interior dialogue. We will also share MOVE WEEK leaflets for their parents to read and understand the benfits of movement in their lives. We have translated some of the leaflets into Romanian to make the infornation more accessible. We are sure that even this small drop of movement in this microcommunity will have a great impact and vibration within the macrocommunity.