Monday May 29 2017

Ladywalk i Tarm

Storegade 23 6880 Tarm, Tarm 6880, Denmark Judith Solanas ISCA
  • Where Tarm,
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In 2016 was 2,644 women to open Lady Walk in Tarm with a bang tonight. We are now ready again! Health Center West, TFGF, Tarm Chamber of Commerce and Tarm Sports Center has so far come together to create the best conditions for a great night in Tarm. An evening with room for fun, fellowship and talk. One evening when it comes to getting first. An evening where you meet other women with the same purpose. An evening where you are helping to contribute to research in women's diseases. One evening standing in of exercise and community character. The local nature guides has again designated two routes 7 and 12 km, which leads us out in the open and scenic area Skjern Enge. Feel the feeling of a great community when so many women form a kilometer-long snake through the landscape. We look forward to welcoming you in our beautiful nature.