Mihai Androhovici National coordinator MOVE Week Moldova

Name: Mihai Androhovici

Country: Moldova

About me: I was lucky to be born into a family and a community who loved sports. Everyone had a chance to play sports as a way to relax. Now I am a physical education teacher, a volleyball coach, archery instructor and trainer. After graduation I completed master’s degree in Sports Management. Now I work as a Sports Advisor to the Directorate for Youth and Sport in my region. Besides this job I am a volunteer in several sport for all organisations, including being the Vice President of the Romanian Federation Sport for All.

My daily exercise: Running, archery.

My vision: To change unhealthy habits. The human being is born with a natural tendency to be in constant movement: for transport or migration, food, family or resources. We must remind people in our communities that they need to be physically active for their physical and mental health.

My MOVE Week story: I had the opportunity to participate from the beginning of the idea of MOVE Week. I think the first meeting was in Berlin in 2012. There ISCA showed us their MOVE Week vision. The idea is interesting and exciting, which is why it grows from year to year. At the national level I coordinated the project from the beginning. It is a major challenge which brings me many tasks, but it is also rewarding. Our organisation's motto is "Movement is Life! Life is Movement". We also collaborate with friends in Ukraine and Moldova Republic for MOVE Week.

Mihai Androhovici National coordinator MOVE Week Moldova moldova.moveweek.eu