Maya Licheva National coordinator MOVE Week Bulgaria

Name: Maya Licheva

Country: Bulgaria

About me: Things I love to do are: different kinds of sport, travel to known and unknown places, meeting new and interesting people, sharing a delicious meal with my loved ones and spend hours outside with my dog. It is very important for me to do everything with a smile and passion.

My daily exercise: Running, functional training and everything connected with movement.

My vision: I want to involve all people to be physically active, because movement is health and a better quality of life. What I want to achieve in my work is to make physical activity accessible to all Bulgarians, no matter of their age, sex, social status, etc.

My MOVE Week story: I participated in a functional training organized by WOW Sport in 2012, which was part of MOVE Week in Plovdiv. And so it all began. For me, MOVE Week is a great opportunity to do different and creative activities, and be part of the change of attitudes of Bulgarian people.

Maya Licheva National coordinator MOVE Week Bulgaria