Marina Ivanović National coordinator MOVE Week Montenegro

Name: Marina Ivanović

Country: Montenegro

About me: I am a simple person: I love to write and travel. I do sport, I dance, I work a lot. And I love it. I know how to listen, talk, paint and cook. I love punctuality and practicality. I always look for a positive way of living. I am crazy about fashion. If you are true to me, I will stay loyal to you and follow you to the end of world.

My daily exercise: Walking to work, Pilates and salsa dancing.

My vision: To move the unmovable! To make sure that all people in Serbia, especially kids and young people, are aware of the importance of physical activity for their health. To have active and creative MOVE Agents who are working every day during the year and not only for one week. And to constantly move…

My MOVE Week story: It was busy and sunny day in Berlin in 2012. We were introduced to the idea and I just loved it! We made a small step for a great cause. The creativity, capability and energy of all of us made me passionate about MOVE Week. I am working every day in order to motivate people to be part of it and to get all the support from whoever they need to succeed. 2013 was big step forward and we have big plans for 2014.

Marina Ivanović National coordinator MOVE Week Montenegro