Laska Nenova European Coordinator MOVE Week

Name: Laska Nenova

Country: Bulgaria

About me: I am a Bulgarian but usually when asked where I'm from - I answer "Europe". By education I am economist but I have found my true calling into being a promoter of physical activity for health.

My daily exercise: I do bodyweight, free weights and high intensity interval workouts in WOW Sport club, which I have established in 2011 together with two other partners.

My vision: Be cool get moving!

My MOVE Week story: In 2012 I brought the idea of MOVE Week to my home city - Plovdiv, Bulgaria. On behalf of my club - WOW Sport, and with the support of our partners, in 2012 we succeeded to organize more than 100 various events - from open doors to community events on public spaces. At the end of 2012 I was invited to become part of ISCA as a South-East Europe MOVE Week coordinator. In 2013 SEE accounted for more than 50% of all MOVE Week activities in Europe, and Bulgaria had more than 400 events in 26 cities. In the beginning of 2014 I was invited to take the role of European MOVE Week coordinator.

Laska Nenova European Coordinator MOVE Week EU